Bridal Bouquet – Things to Think About

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The bride’s bouquet is one of the most important accessories of the day. It will accompany her throughout most of the day, as well as be one of the most photographed items of her wedding. The planning of the wedding bouquet takes just as much careful thought as that of the wedding gown.


Here are some tips and considerations for choosing your wedding bouquet:



1. By choosing seasonal flowers you will save time and money, if you insist on blooms out of season then you may find they have to be shipped in from another country. Remember, the fresher the flowers, the better they look and smell. Shipping in flowers from somewhere else may compromise freshness, as well as drive the costs up. Seasonal flowers usually don’t have as far to travel, so are more readily available and arrive fresher.



2. Many brides opt to use artificial silk flowers, which are an excellent alternative to live ones. Going this route ensures that you can use a favorite flower no matter the time of year you are getting married without having to worry about freshness or added costs.


3. Consider your frame when choosing a style of bouquet. If you are petite, for example, a large bouquet may be heavy to carry around all day and could obscure your dress. Also, the style of your dress should be taken into consideration when choosing flowers–an elegant dress with casual flowers (or vice versa) might look a bit funny.


4. To make sure that your flowers hold up throughout the day, here are a few ideas. A preferred method by brides to keep the flowers fresh is to have a bouquet holder close at hand. Ask the florist for advice on which flowers wilt more quickly than others; by having this information under your garter you will at least know the ones to avoid. If your wedding is on a particularly hot day, you may want to make sure you keep the flowers out of the sun and heat as much as possible, as well as designate a cool spot where flowers can be kept when not in use. Your florist will also be able to help you come up with a customized plan for keeping the flowers fresh for your day.


5. On your first visit to the flower shop, make it easy on both yourself and the florist by taking a photo of the style and design of bouquets that you like. Another good idea is to bring along a sample piece of gown fabric so that the wedding coordinator/florist can select the correct shade of flower to complement the wedding dress. Additional touches to bouquets include touches like ribbons, lace, beads or pearls.


6. Say it with flowers and mean it, why not choose a flower that has special meaning? Take the Stephanotis which stands for happiness in marriage, the rose which denotes love and being true, and the tulip which stands for perfect love. You can find more flower meanings here (link to “The meaning of different flowers” article). A bouquet that is both beautiful and meaningful adds an extra layer of romance to the day.


7. Bouquets are are an ideal way to add a personal touch to your day. Design yours to suit or personality or to incorporate personal mementos. Some brides may design theirs to include mementos like a family heirloom Rosary or locket with a photo of a loved one, for example.





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